Thursday, July 01, 2010

geez. I can't believe its already July. Sorry for the long absence everyone. I've been keeping busy with Sacred Seasons 2, some freelance and generally looking for full time employment around LA. I'll try to keep you all posted with sketches and updates as they become more readily available.


Marnie Brumder said...

Dear Demonhand,
Your work is... in a word, magical. I have seen fewer pieces that I would want to live in than the top most of this post. Simply... wow.

Jeremy D said...

An awesome update, especially the first painting.

Jason Caffoe said...

Man, that second piece is so rad!

Good to see new stuff from you dude :)

Maha said...

Wow, sweet paintings Carl! Nice blog too, you should update more often.

Historian said...

god dammnit carlbeu! Your color choices are so PERFECT!!!! GRAAAHHH!!!!! I love all of these but especially the first one and the third one.

The first one because it has a whole story and emotional context built into a single brilliantly composed and colored image, and the third one because it is perfect. its perfect. a spooky, serene, delicate moment of mystery with a touch of romance and and whats this?!?!? Statues among the tree's roots!!!