Saturday, February 28, 2009

Posting from sunny Los Angeles CA!

the first image in this post is from a flash-based MMORPG I've been working on- "SacredSeasons"
(I did the coloring and toning for the image below)

you can play it here:

the other is just an environment test

if you'd like to see some of my new finished illustrations, you can check them out here!


Icntspll said...

These environments are great.
Thanks for that link to the figure drawings.

Christian Tria said...

Awesome stuff dude!! I finally updated my blog man, check it out. Have you seen Winfreds new abstract oil paintings...they look amazing man!!!

Tom Scholes said...

Cool to see. You don't post enough.
How's LA?

Unknown said...

V nice works!

Historian said...

Ahah! You're getting work yes?

I looked around at Ms. Liu's site but I didn't find your work... I am sleepy right now and may have missed it... anyway, good going!

Jon said...

Well done Carl! I enjoy your images, they're very atmospheric. Also, I really like the coloring of that game shot that you included above. I have little control over the subtleties of color and I admire those who can use it well.

How's California? I take it you're not at one of the amusement parks out there? :) I wanted to let you know I linked you on my blog. It's pretty sad right now, but I'm working on it. Check some of the stuff out and critique if you have the time!