Monday, September 29, 2008

the sketches I struggle with, and end up thinking "these are just no good" are usually the most well received online. I wonder why that is?


Andrew said...

Probably because all your frustration and perseverence shows through in work. How often have we in class looked at something in our sketchbooks and said "that's crap" only to have someone else turn around and say it's awesome?

I do like that skull and the Bierstadt studies. As always, I envy your painting skills. Perhaps someday you'll be kind enough to divulge a little WIP? Or hell, maybe even video capture photoshop for a little while.


Jeremy D said...

second guessing is one of the worst things to do, especially when it comes to creating.. (but believe me, i totally relate.).. maybe you raise your own personal bar too high?

Richard D. Owens, Artist said...

Absolutely stunning work.

Gilda said...

Această ultimă poză e straşnică!
(This last picture is delightful!)