Sunday, January 13, 2008

just dropping by to show I'm still alive. Doing lots of quick photo & cast studies now.


Tom Scholes said...

I'm your biggest fan Carl Beu! :P
hahahaha. Was awesome hanging out in Seattle.

These studies look really promising man, looking forward to seeing more.

Sparth said...

it's looking good carl :D
glad to have met you at the workshop. and do not hesitate to post on neo mate :)


Demonhand said...

thanks guys! It was great meeting you two at the workshop.

...Ill try be around online for sure.

delusion said...

Caarl :D Hey hey. Haven't seen you around at all this quarter. I can never get OpenCanvas to work with SCAD's firewalls.. but yeah let me know if you ever wanna hang out and draw again! I gotta get that angel chic off of savi's computer!

Hope to see you around! latahhh~