Friday, October 05, 2007

another quick co-lab with Matt (

just trading and doing paint-overs of our digital paintings to see what we could come up with. I would highly recommend this exercise just for fun, and I actually would be happy to do a painting trade with some more people when I have the time.

I began the top sketch, Matt began the bottom one, then we switched for about 30 mins or so. The new directions the sketches took were pretty startling.


Tom Scholes said...

Holy crap these are great!

Unknown said...

D :

Oh my god these are awesome.

You ever gonna paint over that one sketchbook swap thing we did?

Demonhand said...

Thanks guys!

yea, I am going to paint that bucket-head guy fo' sho when I get some time.

delusion said...

Hehe, these really are neat! I've no idea how you guys do such awesome work.. and imagining such a deep vast space that you've never seen before... I dunno, I've just never had the eye for that kinda thing. But it looks magnificent.

Talk to you soon, man!

Matt Kohr said...

We need to do that again, Carl. This week? Maybe thursday?

Unknown said...

sounds like a fun exercise
really nice results!

Josh Mauser said...

absolutely wonderful! I wish I had the eye for environments you guys have!