Monday, April 09, 2007

throwing around a few ideas


Tom Scholes said...

These are actually fantastic designs Carl.

I'm always amazed by your brushstrokes - I know you use photoshop but do you use painter as well?

Demonhand said...

haha, thanks for spamming my blog! I didnt know your work was Crayonbox...awesome!

let me try to answer a few of thoes questions.

I have a copy of painter that collects dust. If I can find something that modifies the template and hotkeys of it to work just like photoshop I might consider using it again more.

I use alot of multiply layers but recently Ive just been painting about 60% midtones on a normal top layer and working subtractively to establish areas of higher contrast focal points. Real paint is somthing I'd like to get back into someday.

As for the future? I'm still learning the very basics of drawing and design. Im trying to focus more on understanding technical aspects like readability, composition, drafting, lighting, space, gesture, emotion, color, anatomy and atmosphere.

I'm seeing alot more studies ahead trying to incorporate these elements as the primary goal. Alot of the art is in the originality and skill of execution and presentation versus originality of concept (although thats also important!)

Tom Scholes said...


I'm not a huge fan of painter these days, even the brushes are too cumbersome for the amount of control I want, especially over edges. I know all it would take is a relearning the program, but I'd rather paint.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by working subtractively, are you erasing out that top layer? Soft light layers are a lot of fun to use as well.

I know what you mean by focusing on the basics, that's what really get's me excited actually - rarely do I focus on the concept of my subject. Basics is perhaps the wrong word as they are so important, fundamentals perhaps?

Cool to hear your philosophy and great to see more art Carl. :D

Demonhand said...

sorry for the late reply!

basically, what I do is:

-create a top layer above a painting & fill it with a midtone

-reduce that layer to about %20

-start erasing that layer to create areas of heightened contrast

and yeh, I agree, sometimes fundamentals are not so basic!